Maverick TV have approached WLSinfo to see if any of our members may be interested in appearing on their television programme. 

**Please note** WLSinfo wish to emphasis that in passing on this request we are not endorsing the project and have no involvement with it. Please make your own enquiries about the content, style etc before deciding whether or not to participate.
If you do agree to participate, we would be very grateful if you could get the charity a mention.
Here are the details .. 


We are looking for members of the public suffering in silence because of something they hate about their bodies. From birthmarks to  scarring, breast problems, male breasts, vein problems, excess skin, hair problems, damage post surgery or other conditions where the physical symptoms have caused the sufferer to hide away under layers of clothing or make up. You name it, we want to help.

The Producers of Embarrassing Bodies have started production on the second series of My Naked Secret for a major International Broadcaster. 

My Naked Secret links successful applicants with the best medical/surgical care along with psychological support. We welcome applicants from across the UK, both male and female. All applications are treated with sensitivity and in confidence.

Last year’s applicants agree that taking part in the programme has changed their lives for the better.

“Taking part in the programme and having the operation is the best thing I could have done... I was completely delighted with the surgery and I found the whole experience doing the programme fantastic, 

“The show really improved my life to be honest and I’m extremely happy I took part because if not I would still be suffering. I was at the end of my tether before applying and it turned my life around” Josh, 26, Folliculitis Decalvans sufferer (had treatment to cure his inflammatory hair loss condition)

“It was without a doubt the best thing I could have done. I would recommend taking part to anyone who felt like I felt at that time. It completely changed my life” Wendy, 35 tummy tuck & breast lift post pregnancy

If you are interested or know someone who might be please for an application form

or call 0207 874 6692.