Off to the East

This week found me in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. It was a crazy East meets West thing going on. The conference was held in the Imperial Palace of Culture - a huge soviet monolith. I was there primarily for a meeting of the new European Patients Council. It went well and I was as...

Rome wasn't built in a day

An unusual week in that life events took over charity and other obesity related events. A good friend lost his wife in sudden unexpected circumstances, and attendance at the funeral gave time for quiet contemplation about how many chances I have been given. On a plus notes the fr...

Committee Meeting

Committee meeting time. Time to finalise details of the AGM and forthcoming events.

Climbing Snowdon

My mind turned tonight in support of of Linda one of our Leeds members who is climbing Snowdon tomorrow, just is doing it in aid of WLSinfo. We wish her her well and thank her for doing this extreme effort.

Liverpool meeting

The Liverpool group met tonight. It was great to see how well our new format worked. We have also increased the size of our volunteer team. The first hour for new preops went really - the feedback was excellent. For the main session we had Emily Bakowski a Psychologist from Phoen...

Chester inaugural meeting

Off to the inaugural meeting of the Chester support group. Liz and Rebecca have done a great job finding an excellent venue in Chester fire station - 4 postoppers, 1 preop and a partner. An excellent start to a new group. Dates will be posted.

Birkenhead support group visit

Off to the support group in Birkenhead. Its a small group but the leader Mike Clerkin has enthusiasm by the bucket load. He had a raffle set up but he is holding over till next meeting. The sharp eyed will remember Mike as the Bingo caller at the Liverpool meeting and the AGM.

Meeting Visit

Delighted to be asked to go along to a meeting in Manchester - at Blackley Fire Station. Run by Star Bee one of our dedicated support group leaders. Its only a small group but it was no less an event for that. I remember Liverpool when that had only 3 members.

Representing the charity or involvement in groups

Jaci Joyce and I have been serving as patient representatives on the Obesity Clinical Reference group. Not sure when the product will be released but it wasn't always easy but the Chair Julian Barth has made an excellent job of making our voices heard. As a result of the CRG Jaci...

Thoughts from the Chairman

Someone thought - and I am not sure who it was, it would be a good idea for me (and invited guests) to write a blog occasionally. Main aims being letting members know whats happening and what we have been up to. I am not saying it will be weekly, daily or any regular frequency.