My name is Rory and when I was ten years old my mum got a gastric band.

I didn't really notice mum was big. She often spoke about not being happy with her weight but as far as I was concerned she was just my mum and she was fine. The first time she spoke to me about going for an operation it did surprise me. She explained that it was because she felt her weight was affecting her health and that it was going to stop her being able to do things with me if it got worse. I didn't like the idea and was a little worried as there are only the two of us at home. She explained the operation to me and told me it would be fine (she says that about everything).

Mum said she was booked to go to Belgium in the Easter holidays and her friend would go with her while I stayed with Gran. I didn't like the sound of that as it meant her being away for a few days so asked if I could come too.

So off we went to Belgium, me, mum and Gran. We were there two days before the operation as it was mum's birthday the day before and she wanted us to have a day out in Brussels, I think it was so we had a nice day in case anything went wrong and it was the last thing we did together.

On the morning of the operation she woke me to say goodbye then off she went. I had a fun day with Gran because someone stole her purse on the train and we got to go in a police car which I had never done before. Then off we went to the hospital to visit. Mum looked OK but she had some tubes and things that I was not keen on. The next day she came back to the hotel with us and the day after we came home.

That was two and a half years ago, I didn't really see her changing but I do know we had to go shopping a lot! I have got used to her eating different meals from me and the times that she is sick.  I remember her crying the day I gave her a cuddle and told her I could touch my hands together behind her back but most of all I know she is much happier with the way she is now.