The Committee of WLSinfo determines strategy, policy and direction for both the site and charity.  The Committee is comprised of members elected from the membership of WLSinfo.  As well as elected membership seats, there are also the official Committee officer roles of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

Committee members and officers are elected for a three year term, usually at the AGM or at extraordinary general meetings if circumstances require it.

Ken Clare (Kclare) (Chairman)

Ken Clare is a Registered Nurse who had an open RNY Gastric Bypass by David Kerrigan in September 2002.  He lost half his body weight, and his life changed beyond all recognition.  He started setting up the web site in 2002, with the official launch in January 2003.  He had a revision to his RNY in 2008.  His main hobby is photography.  He has retired after almost thirty years in the NHS and was employed as a Bariatric Specialist Nurse for Gravitas Bariatric Surgery Ltd. Ken has been  a member of the committee of ASO (Association for the Study of Obesity), and a member of BOMSS Council. Ken regularly lectures at various courses, conferences and seminars. He is currently serving as Chairman of WLSinfo. He is also acting chair of the European Association for the Study of Obesity Patients Council Steering Committee.

Bianca (Secretary)

Bianca had an open RNY Gastric Bypass with Mr Stephen Pollard in August 2004 followed by abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and hernia repair in 2008.

Bianca joined WLSinfo in June 2004, became a team member in 2006 and was first elected to the Committee in 2008.   Bianca is the Charity Secretary, the National Support Group Manager and she also assists with Sponsorship and Advertising.

Jeanette (Jeanettekaren) (Member)

Jeanette had a gastric band fitted with The Hospital Group in 2005, followed by an abdominoplasty and breast uplift in Belgium in 2008.  She joined WLSinfo in 2006, became a team member in 2008 and was first elected onto the committee in 2012.